6 Tips for Summer Grilling Success


2) Try a dry rub
An unexpected flare up is the bane of grill masters the world over.
Not only a safety hazard, it can also destroy a perfectly prepared steak in a single, singed-eyelash blink. While tips abound for avoiding such a tragedy, we favor simply opting for a dry rub over a marinade. This eliminates the risk of marinade dripping into the flames, which is often the cause of flare ups. And lest you think that we’re sacrificing flavor here, we assure you that is not the case. Everyone has a favorite recipe, but there are some real pros out there doing the Lord’s work when it comes to dreaming up incredible rubs.

Creator of the winning flavors behind the 2015 World Steak Championship and the 2015 World BBQ Championship, Kosmos B-B-Q is one of the absolute best. In close competition with Kosmos is Navy veteran Moe Cason. Self-taught pitmaster and owner of Moe Cason BBQ, he also holds the distinction of being one of the absolute coolest dudes on the planet, as evidenced by his Instagram.

6 Tips for Summer Grilling Success is written by Travis Brodie for tacticalbabygear.com

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