How I Turned My Home Office Into a Nursery


Since the floor is hardwood, we had to get a rug and were able to find one that worked well for the room. We found the one we used on Wayfair, but I unfortunately don’t see it there now, so it may not be available anymore. They do have a lot of great deals on other rugs, so if you’re interested, check that out and see what they might have for your floorplan. It won’t matter as much at first, obviously, but once she can start sitting up and crawling a bit, Hannah will appreciate it.

For the crib, Brandy really fell in love with this gold one from Little Seeds. After putting it together, I was pretty impressed with it as well. I think it will hold up well, and it was really nice for the price. I was able to find a matching changing table, which was important to me because I’m OCD like that. They have a bunch of other items available for kids of all ages, so definitely check them out if you have a room to update sometime soon.

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