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Betsy & Angie of Beddy’s Beds

Back in 2019 when people were still going places and doing things (remember that?) Beav and Alex traveled out to Utah and met with some of our great TBG friends.

Mom-trepreneurs Betsy and Angie are long-time jogging buddies turned business partners and problem solvers. Their story starts a few years after the birth of Betsy’s twin boys, who had recently transitioned to bunk beds. Now a mom to three small children, reality hit Betsy hard as she realized that trying to get kids to make their beds, especially the top bunk, was impossible.

Fighting to keep her sanity, Betsy bought some zippers, and with the help of her own mom, created the prototype that would change bedding forever. She quickly enlisted the help of Angie, who saw the potential and need for a product like this as a mom herself. The Beddy’s Bedding brand was formed and has exploded in popularity over the last several years. With huge support from their husbands, Betsy and Angie have been able to overcome many of the obstacles that come with creating a new product, going all-in to build their business.

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