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At Tactical Baby Gear, we’re all about making fatherhood better. And when one of the Original Kings of Comedy enlisted our help in guiding new fathers through their first tour of daddy, we were thrilled to lend a hand.

Earlier this week, Steve Harvey’s hit syndicated talk show, “Steve,” presented a segment called the “New Dad Survival Guide.” Pairing a panel of experienced dads with a panel of first-timers, Steve talked the newbies through the risks and joys and fatherhood, from rekindling your love life in the post-baby months to balancing career and kids. There’s some good advice in there, so check out the video below. Or, if you’ve got this dad life figured out (and if you do, teach us), skip ahead to the 5:30 mark when Steve reveals the big parting gift awaiting these new dads: The TBG Daypack 3.0 Full Load Out Set.

“These aren’t just any diaper bags,” Steve says as the crowd goes wild. Thanks, Steve. We agree. Huge thanks to Steve Harvey and everyone on his staff for letting us be a part of the New Dad Survival Guide. It’s exciting to see TBG bags on national TV, but it’s even more exciting to know that these three new dads are bringing us along for the ride. 



Tactical Baby Gear on Steve Harvey is written by Alexander Kristoff for tacticalbabygear.com

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