The Stroller Wagon that Saved our Family Adventures


Encouraging My Girls to Adventure

At its heart, the Cruiser is designed as a wagon for kids to explore the world. While I have found ours incredibly useful for taking Hannah around with us by way of the car seat adapter, where it really comes into its own is when she’s a bit older but still can’t keep up on long walks. I’ve done more than my share of carrying exhausted kids, taking rest breaks, and trying to head off complete meltdowns when my older girls just got too tired during a family outing. If you know, you know.

By the time Hannah is mobile, our oldest two may have aged out of wanting to ride in the Cruiser wagon, but we’ll still have years of usefulness left. Toddlers are naturally curious, which gets them into more than their fair share of trouble, but it’s also how they learn and grow. The TBG Veer Cruiser is designed to encourage this curiosity. With an open top, Hannah will be able to take part in family adventures, seeing everything around her from her seat while being securely held by a 3-point safety harness. Whether it’s running errands with Mom or a day trip to the beach, the Cruiser enables our family to enjoy the day together by removing the stress that comes from carrying everyone’s various gear and worrying about exhausted kids.

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