Ultimate Diaper Bag Buying Guide


First, let’s touch on an important fact of life for new dads out there; if you’re going to have a baby on your hip, and you would like to leave the confines of your home at some point, you need a diaper bag! And, yes, there are diaper bags just for dads! For something so small as an infant, they sure need a lot of gear. From diapers, wipes and bottles to extra clothes, blankets, diaper rash cream, hats, rattles, the list goes on and on. You are going to need something to carry all the necessities and then some. In the beginning, you’ll feel like you’re packing for a six-month tour of duty, instead of just a visit to the in-laws for dinner.

My youngest son is 3 years old and with all the kids in between, I have seen first hand the evolution of the modern diaper bag and, oh, how I wish I had something that was so well thought out over my shoulder back in the early days. Today, there are some truly awesome options for diaper bags for dads available. Of course, we want you to love the ones from Tactical Baby Gear. But, even if you’re not into a ‘rugged and reliable’ diaper bag, you can definitely find something more manly than flowers and sunshine designs. It’s those thoughts that bring me to one of the most important aspects of picking a diaper bag, and that is, what type of functionality are you looking for? So, let’s look at the first big decision in choosing a diaper bag, the style.

Ultimate Diaper Bag Buying Guide is written by Beav Brodie, CEO of Tactical Baby Gear for tacticalbabygear.com

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