What to pack in Dad’s Hospital Bag


On the Outside
Starting with the outside of the bag, I included a pack of wipes. The Core Baby Panel comes with a wipes-specific exterior pouch which is useful for everyday diaper changes, but even if the hospital provides those, they’re just always useful to have on hand.

In the lower, insulated pouch, I would normally have bottles and snacks, but that’s not as important for this trip, so I’m actually using the bottle pockets to fit my various charging cords, as well as one of my most important electronic devices: my USB charger brick. I take it with me whenever I travel somewhere that outlet access may be hard to come by. It’s a great for airports, hotels, and of course, the hospital. It’s an absolute life saver. In the mesh pockets, I’ve got a few more chargers for some various electronics, including one I’ll discuss later on that I’m really excited about.

In the side pockets, I’ve got an extra camera lens so I can capture our full experience here with Hannah, as well as a travel tripod on the other side in case I need it. Normally, these will hold your water or coffee, and those aren’t bad to bring along, but the hospital will have plenty of both.

What to pack in Dad’s Hospital Bag is written by Travis Brodie for tacticalbabygear.com

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