What Were We Thinking ???



Why did you want to go skydiving?
Jade intimidated me into it. She was all in my face “are you going come on let’s go you have to do it” and I decided skydiving was less scary than Jade.

Are you sure it wasn’t because you have a death wish? 

There was probably some of that too.

What surprised you about it? 

The sensation of falling wasn’t what I expected. It was fun, but I don’t think my brain entirely registered what was going on. I also had no concept of time from the time we left the plan until the ground. Could have taken 3 minutes, could have taken 30. I’m still not sure.

Would you do anything different next time? 

I would take Dramamine. Like, a lot of it. The second that chute opened my stomach lurched and from there to the ground the instructor and I were both just praying I didn’t throw up all over him. (I didn’t.)

Will you do it again? 

Travis is already pressuring me, and we all know how well I hold up to that… 

Beav didn’t jump? What’s up with that!?

Beav was up in the cockpit taking pictures. I think he was secretly hoping something would happen to the pilot so he would have a reason to solo jump. Pretty sure he’s already looking for an excuse to get us back down to GA so he can take the leap.

What Were We Thinking ??? is written by Travis Brodie for tacticalbabygear.com

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