What’s in My Newborn Diaper Bag


Along the side, there’s a pocket here where I keep the Milk Snob cover. If you’re not familiar with it, the Milk Snob can be used as a nursing blanket, or as a cover for your infant car seat, shopping carts, highchairs, and infant swings. And while Hannah isn’t super into pacifiers right now, we have found that if she’s in the middle of a real bad fit, it helps if we can get her distracted with one. So, I’ve got a pacifier cord in here for just those occasions.

There’s just a couple more odds and ends I keep in my bag. It seems like any time I need a pen or a sharpie for filling out a form or labeling something there’s never one around, so I keep one of each in my bag. I also keep a couple latex gloves in my bag. Maybe it’s my background as a mechanic, but it’s a lot easier to just throw away a couple of dirty gloves than to use a ton of wipes trying to clean up after a really bad diaper change. And finally, I always keep butt paste on hand for diaper rash prevention. We’ve had good luck with that so far, and we’re hoping to keep that going. 

What’s in My Newborn Diaper Bag is written by Travis Brodie for tacticalbabygear.com

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